wheelchair transport

100% LEGIT wheelchair shuttle with insurance

Don't take any risk by saving a few dollars off your ride

We are inspected & approved by LTA and covered by NTUC insurance

wheelchair transport

100% CRYSTAL clear pricing

Don't be conned by GIMMICKS when they put it CHEAP

More often and most probably you will end up PAYING MORE and burning your pocket when you do not see their fine print.

100% FRIENDLY service

The most annoying thing is to end up with a driver you dread

We  will give the BEST service.

 rain or shine !


You will find your wheelchair fastened and rooted 

High tech automatic tension & restraint 

Why choose

* Safe ( we do not shortchange you, from the equipment to the safety restraints in the van it's all tip top. Retrofitted and inspected/ approved by LTA. comes with a Hydraulic Lifter )

* Affordable fixed rate ( no hidden cost & inconvenience charge)

* Polite & good service ( our team is formally from the limousine trade  ) has been in the market for a few years and provide a really comfortable wheelchair transport experience. 

in Singapore, we have a very good transport network. MRTs, Buses, Taxis to everywhere in this island.

its so convenient and affordable to travel but the downside is the high volume of commuters daily

book with us to enjoy the perks

- save time (wheelchair users do not like to be in their wheelchair too long, sometimes the medical appointment can take a whole day)

- go to the right place on time (Singapore may be small but sometimes we might go to the wrong place as we are unfamiliar)

- no need to squeeze in public transport during peak hours (we all know how its like to travel during peak hours)

- no need to endure the hot sun or rainy day (our weather changes fast enough)

- professional hydraulic lifter for all types of wheelchair

(smooth transit into vehicle)

- no need to transfer (just imagine you want to transfer from taxi to wheelchair)

- no need to dismount from wheelchair (any unnecessary movement is a risk)

- wheelchair safely secured with restraint in vehicle

(you can relax while we travel)