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What is a Wheelchair Van / Wheelchair transport / Wheelchair Accessible Taxi ? 

One of the key features of a wheelchair accessible van is the ramp or lift. This allows individuals who use wheelchairs to enter and exit the vehicle without having to transfer from their wheelchair to a car seat. A ramp can be manual or powered and is located at the side or rear of the van


Wheelchair Dimensions ?
Why does it matter ?

If you are thinking about using a wheelchair accessible van / wheelchair transport / accessible taxi to transport a loved one, you will first need to know the dimensions of the wheelchair that you will need to transport. These dimensions are important because they will indicate the size of vehicle you need. The van must allow for the wheelchair and other mobility equipment to fit inside the van. 

In general, consider these dimensions:

  • Height from the floor to the top of the individual's head when they are seated in their wheelchair

  • Width of the wheelchair

  • Length of the individual when seated in the wheelchair (from the back of the wheelchair to the extension of their legs)

  • Weight of the individual and the mobility equipment


How to make a booking ? How to make payment ? When to pay ?

  Book Online ( most preferred option ) 

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 We accept cash paynow or even card.

Pay in advance / Pay during the ride / Pay after the ride

It's that flexible.

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