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6 Benefits Of Hiring Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles provide patients in wheelchairs the ability to travel in safety and comfort. However, patients are at a higher risk for injury when they place their wheelchair in a regular vehicle, especially if an accident happens during transport. Understandably, buying a wheelchair-accessible van is not affordable for everyone. In addition, owning a wheelchair-accessible vehicle does not guarantee that you can quickly get in and out of it without additional assistance.

Most wheelchair patients require drivers, while some can drive themselves. Our company specializes in non-emergency wheelchair transportation services. We provide everything from help getting in and out of your house to wheelchair, accessible vehicles that are state-of-the-art. In addition, our experts on wheelchair transportation service in Singapore offer

the following benefits to hiring a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

Getting out of the hospital earlier

 Many patients require extended stays in the hospital because they do not have easy transportation to go back to doctor's appointments after going home. If you have reliable wheelchair transportation, you might be able to get home sooner and make it back and forth to your follow-up appointments efficiently.

Improved recovery times.

Healing faster often requires making it to crucial physical therapy visits. Conversely, you often prolong your recovery period when you consistently fail to attend appointments. Wheelchair transportation services allow patients to get to all necessary appointments to heal as quickly as possible.

Increased comfort.

Trying to get back and forth to appointments in a vehicle that is not compliant with wheelchair travel can be highly uncomfortable. Getting in and out of the car begins the discomfort, and it extends through the whole ride. You're able to stay seated in your wheelchair with a wheelchair-accessible vehicle instead of getting in and out of your chair for transportation. This offers a lowered injury risk and much more comfort. Riding in a vehicle that is not wheelchair accessible can cause pain and discomfort. In addition, you could potentially incur extra pressure on your back or shoulders from being transferred in and out of your chair. Shoulder pain is standard when moving yourself, while back pain is more likely when transported by a caregiver.

Lower injury risk.

You're at a reduced risk of injury when using a wheelchair-accessible vehicle for transportation. This includes vehicle accidents and injuries incurred through loading and unloading. Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are manufactured in such a way to allow patients to remain safe, whether they remain in their wheelchair or utilize built-in seating. Putting a wheelchair in a vehicle can be incredibly dangerous using makeshift tie-downs. When a wheelchair is secured improperly, it takes minimal impact to be dislodged from its holding area during an accident.

Freedom to travel on your terms.

Your life can feel a lot like a prison when you can't drive. Having accessible wheelchair transportation available allows you the freedom to go where you want whenever you like. In addition, wheelchair-accessible vehicles make loading and unloading passengers easy. Patients in wheelchairs often get discouraged because of their difficulty traveling, but this is not the case when you have wheelchair transportation available.

Long-distance travel.

If you need to travel long distances, wheelchair-accessible transportation services are available to provide for your transportation needs. Long vehicle rides can be made more difficult when you are not using a vehicle that is wheelchair accessible. The right wheelchair transportation service in Singapore can make being comfortable during your travels much more effortless.

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